November 24, 2014
Prayer Report – Nov. 18

Attendance: 4
– Jo Anne Roher
– Freeman
– Joseph Koenig

Prayer Leader: All

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm


– Discussed the recent “To Transform Dayton” leadership summit. Also discussed other ministries that are seeking to bring forward a united front in transforming our city for the Kingdom.

     – Love of Dayton 24hr Prayer Vigil: Leaders meeting Sat. Nov. 22nd. 11:30 am @ Trinity Presbyterian Church.  Event is Jan. 16, 2015.


-Seek first His Kingdom.  Returning of leaders to the “first love.”

-Turning of many hearts.  See that God is good.

-Revival – transformation in the city.

           -unity – love for neighbors

           -Prayer that outreach ministries across the city would be strengthened.

           -Unite ministries.  Silence false accusations.  Cancel plans of enemy.

-Unity across the body

-Pour out the love of God.

-Joe’s daughter Kim.  Heart issues.