November 13, 2014
Prayer Report – Nov. 4

Attendance: 5

– Jo Anne Roher
– Freeman
– Andrew Harmon
– Palmer Boyd
– Jacob Crawford

Prayer Leader: Jacob Crawford

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm


– Email Jacob Crawford about any prayer events going on in the Dayton Area so they can be posted on the PrayDayton website.
– Jacob Crawford –


  • Jo Anne mentioned and asked for prayer over the Fidelity Building. It is having the same issues as many of the other buildings in the area of low amount of tenants.
  • Asking God to bring businesses that would fill the buildings in Dayton
    • Success from God for God
    • Kingdom attitude from business owners
    • Filled for You
  • Prayed for elections taking place today.
  • Asking God to bring small businesses into the Dayton city area to invigorate the life of the city in the marketplace.
  • Thanksgiving prayers
    • Mercy, Salvation, Promises
  • Great Awakening & turning to First Love
    • Nothing You can’t do God
    • You are Faithful – You are our Hope and Future.
  • Lord help us love each other
    • We need your Love to overflow through us
    • We would seek you and pursue righteousness and goodness
  • Prayer for the Elections
    • Mercy
    • McGuire (Kingdom minded running for state school board)
    • Lord would place men and women in places of your will
      • Have mercy
    • Your Will be done.
  • Pour your Spirit out on our city
    • Show you power and reveal who you are
    • Do what you want to do in Dayton, Ohio
  • Release inspired ideas in how to release the Kingdom of God
    • Release Worship
    • Release a groaning in the Spirit
    • You are worthy
    • Have your way in our city
  • Release your Spirit over schools in Ohio
    • Let the wicked places be cut off
    • Turn back to you
      • Allow prayer back into schools
  • Release men who have full identity in you
    • Men of God
    • Release Sons of God
    • Men who work with power and conviction
      • Lack of conviction = lack of repentance
        • We lack repentance because we lack conviction
      • Conviction is offensive but it brings passion and zeal back into your house
  • Time for America to bless God
  • Help us stand in the Gap
    • Worship in Spirit and in Truth
  • Lord, you know what is around the corner and we do not we place our trust in you
  • Let your will be done in our lives so that we would look to you
  • Thank you for your mercy that is for us each day
  • Help us become the bride you are calling us to be
    • Father us up for your Son
    • That you would be glorified in presenting us to Him
  • Lord give people a passion and zeal for the cross that they would be proud of what it has done for them and for who they are in Christ
    • Boldness to live unashamed
    • War for Jesus the way we war for our flag