November 13, 2014
Prayer Report – Nov. 11

Attendance: 4
– Jo Anne Roher
– Freeman
– Andrew Harmon
– Jacob Crawford

Prayer Leader: Jacob Crawford

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm


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– Jacob Crawford –


  • Shepherds rise and release people into what God has called them to
  • God’s redemption
  • Leader’s would learn to love Christ as their first love then love each other as leaders in bringing the Bride forth
  • Remnant rise up and be protected as it grows
    • Grow the remnant
  • Freeman mentioned the death of Bahama Christian leader Myles Munroe
  • Help men receive the love of the Lor d
  • Take care of widows and orphans
  • We need to see we’re here on assignment from the Lord
    • we forget this and we live for ourselves
  • Its all about love – loving Him and loving others
    • Lord let our love for you abound and overflow into loving your creation
  • Help us put on our armor and remember to keep it on each day
  • Remind us that we are always walking in and with you
  • Let us receive your harvest and bring it into you
  • You give us the authority we need
  • Give us the strategies of heaven and not of men
    • God that we would seek you day and night together
    • Bring unity through setting our eyes on you
      • Not on things but on you
      • Transformation would come from setting our eyes on Jesus collectively
  • We are your ambassadors and we say send us
    • We will be faithful to you
  • Release the bondage of religion
  • Bring the church into wholeheartedness
    • Remove the excuses from the pews
    • Bring conviction
  • Release the 5-fold ministry in your Church
  • Bring city into a spirit of unity in Jesus Name
  • Show yourself tangibly to those who do not know you
  • Thank you that you have faithfully called us to bring in your harvest